Concept 3 - Workshop Resource

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This concept is for a workshop resource, which supports groups to explore the future together, with a focus on shared purpose, new models of governance, and action. The workshop uses organic materials to allow rapid adoption of living systems mindsets, to encourage more holistic discussion.

This is a socio-cultural intervention that seeks to deliver a simple guide to enable rapid transitions to ecocentric viewpoints, from which a group can explore their common future. It is based on participatory workshops I’ve run using organic toolkits in which individuals and groups investigate topics such as principles for new initiatives.


Tackle the challenges of governance, alignment and momentum for groups, by offering a workshop plan which can be downloaded and run by groups themselves.


By targeting the capacity of groups to setup and maintain sustainable projects which learn and adapt to the changing landscape of conservation, they will gain greater momentum and improve their impact over time.


The resource would be free for anyone to use, licensed under Creative Commons, and could be combined with the Community of Practice concept to enable further reach and sharing of insights from workshop participants or organisers.

Learning goals:

  • Investigate use of materials as a means to enable different futures to emerge.

  • Investigate potential of standalone workshop resources (informed by process design) to answer emerging capacity building challenges.

  • Investigate use of freely downloadable resources to increase reach and engagement with new individuals and groups.


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