Concept 1 - Photo Monitoring

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This concept is for a photo monitoring mobile application, which supports environmental group coordinators, rangers and volunteers to capture images of the project site work on their smartphone and create presentations for funders.

This is a technological intervention, which seeks to support groups to better understand their impact, improve their outcomes over time, and increase their funding.


Tackle the challenges of short term photo monitoring, increasing the amount of groups who are able to contribute environmental monitoring and evaluation data over time.


By improving photo monitoring, we can increase the flow of financial and social capital into the sector. By creating this new feedback loop, groups can improve the effectiveness of their conservation activities through continuous reflection, and tell better stories about their work to funders, volunteers and other stakeholders.


To make it a sustainable intervention, the photo monitoring service would be charged for on a monthly or annual subscription basis, making it financial viable for small groups, as well as enterprise clients.

Learning goals:

  • How to enable more groups to engage in environmental monitoring and evaluation.?

  • How to make the data publicly available?

  • Investigate best practice photo monitoring approaches for various types of activities.

  • Investigate best practice storytelling approaches for photo monitoring images.

  • Investigate the potential for sustainable social enterprise business models which reinvest profits in the environmental sector.


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