Revised Research Questions

In the act of generating systems sight, I found my initial inquiry into volunteer experiences was useful but incomplete. Without further exploring the work of the community conservation groups as a whole, I would only be able to account for a very thin slice of the system’s stakeholders, and therefor limit my ability to affect systems change.

The new research questions I formulated were:

How might we address systemic underfunding in the conservation sector, by focusing on the power imbalance between Funding bodies, and the community-based conservation projects and groups?

How might we better enable community conservation projects to tell the story of the socio-economic and environmental impact of their work?

How might we use data collected for existing funding compliance activities to address the gap in qualitative and quantitative data for on-ground activities, monitoring and evaluation?

What feedback loops could be created or strengthened, to increase the flow of financial resources into the environmental conservation sector? What shift in status quo would be needed to make that happen?

What models exist to enable low cost, scalable capacity building across individuals and groups who have no common livelihood (i.e. they don’t necessarily work together)?

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