Systems Sight wasn’t so much a phase, as a mindset, a set of methods, and a framework for navigating and thinking about the nuance of the sector.
What it made clear was that practice which suggests we ‘isolate problems’, and draw a boundary around the scope of a project is deeply problematic when it comes to the interconnectivity and emergent properties of systems.
I feel like the use of multiple methods for generating observations and insight, multiple methods for attempting to correlate and synthesise meaning, and recognise myself as a design embedded within the system rather than observing from the outside, were all vital to the development of a foundational story about the system and opportunities for intentional influence.
I believe there’s a huge opportunity for using digital tools for arranging research in two significantly different ways:
  1. 1.
    Synthesis mapping with embedded research - taking the map at the heart of the Story of System further, to include qualitative and quantitative data (or links to other sources).
  2. 2.
    Research libraries - making insights more atomic, and storing them as databases instead of artefacts (inspired by Polaris).
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