To find your way in this exegesis, you could use one or more of these modes:

  • The Three Part Story - if you prefer to see the videos which outline the intervention, navigate to the Thesis - Parts 1, 2 & 3 section where you will find the three of the videos explaining the research outputs together.

  • The Research Story - use the ‘Next article’ navigation at the bottom of each section to explore the story of the project as I have structured it.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure - if you’re interested in particular aspects of the research, the directory on the left signposts some places to begin your own reading, or use the search box at the top right to look for specific terms which may interest you.

The layers which make up this intervention, and thus the main chapters of this exegesis are:

  1. Generating Systems Sight

  2. Crafting Strategy

  3. Designing A Portfolio of Concepts

I present the Portfolio of Concepts first to give form to the insights generated in the first two phases. Each section of this exegesis details my design practice, with detail about my design activities, snapshots of boundary artefacts, and reflections.

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