Developing the portfolio was an exercise in integrating insights from the systems sight, the direction of strategy, and bringing the actions to life. I have a fair amount of experience in strategic design, especially with an entrepreneurial flavour - making ideas seem real, even if they’re not yet.

Turning the strategic direction into these concepts was done to enable meaningful conversations with the stakeholders I sought to serve. Many stakeholders were busy, not able or willing to invest time in research about ‘possibility’, but keen to help shape the look and feel of something tangible. Building high fidelity prototypes such as user interface walkthroughs of the photo monitoring app wasn’t my original intention, but it served to enable meaningful participation to better understand desirability and feasibility of ideas.

Part of the focus of the project was about sustaining impact, so looking at the underlying business model and possibilities for platform development were key to assessing the viability, and establish learning goals for each concept.

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