This is dedicated to my father, Mark, who passed away suddenly during my research. He was an inspiration to me, and a wonderful father. I love you and miss you deeply.

I also want to acknowledge my mother, Gill, who gave me an early insight into academic research and it’s value to society, and supporting me to pursue what I felt like the world needed of me, even when it took me oceans away from her.

I thank my wonderful wife, Elinor, and my children, Ash & River, who supported me with encouragement and the space to explore this project, amidst the challenges and beauty of a young family’s life.

I would like to thank my supervisors, Anna Brown and Tristam Sparks who provided provocation, encouraged reflection and gave gentle support during the tougher moments.

I would like to acknowledge Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand with whom I gained a wide variety of experience and insights into the sector, before my Masters began.

I also would like to acknowledge Jane Hollands from CWAD & FOSS, Kellie Gee from Upper Yarra Landcare, Peter Russell from Manawa Karioi, Monica Peters from Landcare Research, Lizzie Younger from Melbourne Water, Michele Frank from WWF NZ, and all of the other people I interviewed and designed with.

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